Can Can!

Don’t you love it when something just seems to come together all on its own?  They call this Serendipity.  Even the word makes me smile!

Last week I decided to try a couple of new paints that I had gotten from DecoArt:  Traditions in Red Violet and Dazzling Metallics in Peacock Pearl.  These paints are wonderful.  The Dazzling Metallics really ARE dazzling!  The metallic effect showed up even when more paints were put on top of it. So I started my page by putting down a layer of gesso.  Then I alternated between putting down swipes of the two paints plus gesso, using a brayer.  I love the look the brayer gives.  It really brings out the texture of the previous layers.  It’s my new favorite toy!

Once I was happy with my background, I needed some images.  As it so happened, I had gotten several collage sheets from Retro Cafe Art the week before.  One of the sheets was called “Can Can” and it featured – you guessed it – Can Can dancers!  I must confess that I have long had a fascination for this dance and the dancers.  It takes a considerable amount of endurance to do this dance.  In fact, some participants would work themselves into such a frenzy that they would pass out…some even died.  And you thought Mosh Pits were crazy!  As luck, or serendipity, would have it, the colors in this collage sheet went beautifully with my new paint colors!  A little distressing here, a little gilding paste there and, Voila! – a journal page is born.  (Click on the photo to enlarge it so that you can see all of the luscious details.)


I hope you enjoyed this background information into the making of a journal page. Be sure to come back again to see what I put together.


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