My True Self – Blog Hop Challenge

Our challenge this week is to represent the real person inside of us.  As soon as I read that, I knew exactly what I needed to do.  Of course, my page went through a few changes, including a change of venue.  I decided I needed to put my heart on a different page…a page I already loved!

You see, when I work in my journal, I hate to be wasteful.  So if I still have paint on a stencil, I’ll stick the stencil between two blank pages that I haven’t gotten to yet.  Extra paint on my brush or my palette?  Brush or scrape it off onto another blank page, or, better yet, on one that already has something on it.  Eventually these pages have several layers of artsy goodness!  This was just such a page.  All it needed was a little love!  (Click image to enlarge.)

Self Portrait 7-27-13

How would you represent your true self?  Give it a try.

heartsong arts academy blog hop badge 200x200

Don’t forget to check out how the other Heartsong Arts Academy instructors faced this challenge.

Melita’s Mixed Media

  Emerging Lotus Flowers

It’s a Blog Hop Challenge so don’t forget to link up your entry!  To link your blog this week, please go to the Heartsong Arts Academy blog and link your project there.  Just click on the blue and purple Heartsong Arts Academy Blog Hop square above to get there!


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