This is one of my favorite Dyan Reaveley quote stamps.  (Click on the image to enlarge it.)  Life is not perfect.  For the most part, I believe that happiness is a choice.  While circumstances aren’t always under our control, how we react or respond to them is.

I’m generally a happy person.  I try to look beyond what is going on around me to find the joy in my own situation.  Of course, even have my bad days.  I’ve had people say to me, “Oh, you’re always so happy all the time!”  To which I’d love to respond, “Yes, because when I’m bitchy, I stay home!”

The Dalai Lama once said, “To be happy, be happy.”  While this may seem to be an over-simplification, there is much wisdom here.  When things are not going the way you want them to, you can throw a pity party or you can make the choice to be happy.   Get the negativity out of your system.  Have a good cry.  Punch a pillow.  But then allow yourself to feel better.   Make a gratitude list.  Write down all of your blessings.  Keep that list handy for the bad days.  

I am richly blessed.  I’m willing to bet that if you let yourself look for it, you’ll find that you are, too.


(I’d like to give credit to Donna Downey for her gorgeous Hollyhock stamp.)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle LaPoint Rydell
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 21:34:13

    Hi Raine! I couldn’t agree more about choosing to be happy! I love your bright spirit! Your hollyhock piece is gorgeous! I especially love how the doodles around the edges look like they are floating – are they?


    • Raine
      Aug 09, 2013 @ 21:39:05

      Thanks, Michelle! The doodles are actually a stamp and it’s a technique I learned from Dyan Reavely. Stamp in black. Let that dry then stamp white over it, but offset it a bit so that it looks like a shadow. Pretty cool, huh?!?!


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