Phoenix Arisen!

In one of her recent posts, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer mentioned the concept of 7-word autobiographies.  Several of my art buddies came up with brilliant ones of their own.  I was surprised by how easily mine came to me.  (click on image to enlarge)


There is a reason that I changed my last name to Phoenix.  (Yes, I have changed my whole name.  My old one didn’t fit me any more.)  I have crashed and burned many times in my life.  Sometimes because of bad choices but mostly due to a chemical imbalance in my brain that took those choices out of my control.  Each and every time I have come back.  Each time I became stronger.  I always rose like a Phoenix.  So it was inevitable that it should become my last name.

I ended up choosing Raine as my first name because I have always loved the rain.  One of my family’s favorite stories is of me as a child being told not to step in the puddles when I went out to play after it had rained.  I would fervently promise not to do so.  Of course, as soon as I got outside, my family watching me from the front window, I’d jump into the first puddle I could find…generally right in front of the house!  I am also a water sign and have always been drawn to water…be it the ocean, a lake, even a swimming pool.

It didn’t occur to me until recently that rain would also quench the fire after I crashed.  This would keep it from burning too long and doing too much damage.  It helped solidify the rising phoenix.  Raine Phoenix is much stronger than the person I used to be.  I am healthier, happier and more creative.

I have always had the support of my family and I know it must have been difficult for them when I changed my name.  But it was never to disrespect them or distance myself from them.  They have come to realize the significance of my new name and accept it as they have always accepted me.

I challenge you to write your own 7-word autobiography.  It may reveal more than you know!



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sweetredclover
    Aug 27, 2013 @ 20:55:38

    Raine!!! I LOVE YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY!!! Could I use that in one of my journals? I love it so much, and I would like to use the quote (and attribute it to you of course, my darling)! I would love to one day make Sweet Red Clover my legal name…I feel so much more myself as Sweets than I ever have as Amy. I’ve love the connection between Raine and Phoenix you described…such a beautiful thing. I have to tell you that my sister had her first baby last year and his name is Remington Phoenix Collins (Remy for short)…I’ve kind of always taken that as a sign that we are soul sisters… ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Raine
      Aug 27, 2013 @ 21:08:46

      OMG, Sweets! I SO love you! You may absolutely use this quote. I don’t know where it came from…it just popped into my head. Everything is “out there” for us to use. None of us “owns” anything! If you feel better as Sweet Red Clover, then that IS your name! I used Raine as a nickname for a couple of years before I legally changed it. A month after the judge granted it to me, I met the guy I married! So he has ONLY known me as Raine Phoenix. He changed HIS last name to Phoenix when we got married! Love your nephew’s name!
      We ARE Soul Sisters, Sweets. I knew it the first time we communicated with each other. Namaste, Sister!


  2. Cindy E.
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 22:55:49

    Beautiful, and apt, and so YOU!


  3. Zoe @ Top Floor Treasures
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 15:11:50

    What a gorgeous page and a wonderful autobiography Raine!


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