Sketch – Face 4/29

Today I just didn’t have the energy to go up to my studio and paint a new face. However, I do enjoy sketching them while relaxing in the living room. And shouldn’t art be relaxing…comforting? Why else would we do it? I decided to draw a fuller face. One more like my own. In keeping with the spirit of one of my earlier posts, I find there is a need for a broader representation of the female face and form. Today I was inspired by my friend, Shirley Douglass, who depicted a fuller face in one of her recent drawings. Thank you, Shirley! I really liked it. So here is my sketch. (click to enlarge image)


One of the things we should remember, as we rise to the challenge of 29 Faces, is that it should be fun. We don’t have to produce a Rubens or a Michelangelo. We don’t have to pull out our expensive paints. Sketching, drawing, coloring with pencils, crayons and gelatos. All of these, and more, are acceptable for this challenge. We can do realistic faces, whimsical faces, faeries, goddesses, angels! There’s no limit to what can be done with a face! We are only limited by our imagination. Today I chose a relatively realistic style, done in a relaxed and easy fashion.

I hope you like my little offering today.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shirley Douglass
    Sep 04, 2013 @ 18:49:23

    Love what you did and how you did it! Thank you for mentioning me. I am creating a background for my face right now and will post the finished page on my blog later today.


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