Two Faces Tonight!

I didn’t post last night’s portrait sketch because I didn’t even draw it until almost midnight.  At that point, I had already posted for the day.  I opted for a sketch because I wanted to do something that was ALL MINE. No stencils, no stamps.  Also no pressure to have to paint it afterward!  This sketch came out better than I thought it would. It was a lot of work! Some people make it look so easy. But I’m still learning. And will be for quite some time. You see, I am the perennial student. I enjoy the learning process. I love to experiment with different styles and media. That is what makes it fun for me. When I stop having fun, it’s time to move on to something else.  (click on images to enlarge)


For tonight’s artistic adventure, I chose to use stencils. There is just as much work involved when using stencils, it’s just a different kind of work. I painted the background first with Silks acrylic glazes then stenciled on the butterflies in the upper left corner. I was planning to use another one of Jane Davenport’s stencils, a 3/4 face, and the butterflies gave me a crazy idea. Using butterfly wings for her hair! A Butterfly Faerie! So that’s what I did. I used different sized wings to cover most of her head. I filled in empty spots with curlicues and a spiral in the center of her forehead. Then I filled in the remaining background with more butterflies, to give me a total of thirteen. Thirteen is my favorite number and I try to fit it in when I can. Some bodies and antennae for the butterflies and my painting is complete. I hope you like her.


So now I am caught up with my 29 Faces challenge. I have done ten faces in ten days. Only nineteen more to go!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shirley Douglass
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 12:39:47

    I love both faces. Each in their own way. I see you drawing your own faces and I am happy for you. This is such a wonderful face! I love the butterfly face (of course I have a thing for butterflies). It was a wonderful idea and done beautifully!
    Sending hugs and smiles


  2. Raine
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 13:38:04

    Thank you so much, Shirley! I happy that you saw the merits of each one. I am really pleased with how my drawing came out. I didn’t want to take a chance of ruining it by painting it! I’m sure, at some point, I’ll either paint her or photocopy her onto card stock and paint that. Then I can attach her into my journal.
    The Butterfly Faerie was lots of fun, too. I’m glad you like her.


  3. sandra sherman
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 21:08:13

    Two wonderful faces. You are very good at drawing eyes. The window to the soul! They have so much expression:) Great work


  4. Karen
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 22:55:43

    Good for you Raine! Roaring 20’s girl is my favorite!


    • Raine
      Sep 11, 2013 @ 23:52:00

      Thanks, Karen! She’s one of my favorites, too! It was great seeing you today. And the extra treat of seeing so many more of my friends. It’s enough to give a girl the vapors! *fanning myself with my hanky* *rolling with giggles*


  5. SL Scheibe
    Sep 12, 2013 @ 10:43:13

    Super faces! I really like the one with the butterflies. Very pretty!


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