Fun with Faces

Last night I went up to my studio with the intention of trying to sketch a face or two. I drew my basic face shape. Then I started drawing these big spirals for hair. Almost Dr. Seuss-ish. That made me decide to do a whimsical face. From there she just took on a life of her own. (click on image to enlarge)

Faerie Princess

I decided to draw her eyes just a bit larger than normal, gave her just the barest suggestion of a nose and pouty little lips. I’d only been intending to sketch but the spirals of hair just *begged* to be blonde! Then the lips needed to be pink, the eyes, green. I had all of the features painted but was loathe to spend lots of time painting and shading her skin. A friend at FACEcinating Girls had just started using soft pastels and was getting great results. I had used them for backgrounds and shading but never for the whole face. So I screwed up my courage, took the Flesh-colored pastel in hand and scribbled a little on her face. I smudged it around a bit with a tissue. Hmmm…. Not too bad….  More scribbling. More smudging. A touch of pink to the cheeks. Voila! A colored face in less than 5 minutes! I could get used to this! I added a few tendrils to her hair then scribbled around the background with a couple of different teal shades, smudging them together for a soft background. Voila! I had done a complete face in under an hour.

The key to this whole page is that I was just playing. I wasn’t that invested in the outcome. I just enjoyed the process! I played with making hair out of spirals. I modified the features, exaggerating them to cartoony proportions. I experimented with pastels. And you know what? I LOVE her!!!

My lesson in this is to relax more with these faces. I keep writing about how art is supposed to be fun. And it is. But I’m still overly invested in the final outcome. I wasn’t with this one. I have no problem with what I would normally perceive as imperfections. Could I be, dare I say it, growing?!?!?! We shall see. One epiphany does not a paradigm shift make. Time will tell. I’ll be right here working it out. I hope you’ll continue to come here to see how I’m progressing.


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