We Cooked! …sorta

My darling husband called me when he was leaving work and asked if I’d like to have spaghetti for supper tonight. It’s the one meal we make together. He knows how to get the pasta just right. Al dente. My job is to prepare the sauce. This consists of me removing the lid from the jar of Ragu and putting the jar in the microwave with a plastic lid to contain spatters. When  hubby gives the word, I microwave the sauce. Done! It was delicious.

I have a funny, yet endearing, memory related to this. One of the first times that Chale and I went out to eat at the Olive Garden, he got spaghetti. When I asked him how it was, he said, “It’s ok. I like your sauce better.” Really!

Last night, I finished the background for face 27. I traced her onto deli paper first and cut out a mask so that I wouldn’t accidentally get paint or ink on her.


She’s another one of my Whimsy Girls. After all, the world can always use a little more whimsy!


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