Living My Wild Life!

This is going to be an exciting weekend. I’m taking three classes with ever-popular Dyan Reavely! I could watch her all day…and have! (click on images to enlarge)  Not my best look. Please be gentle.

2012 03_21 Dyan Reaveley Class 38

I have definitely lived a wild life. To a certain degree, I still am. I live my life by my own rules. I’m respectful of others and aim to treat others well but I definitely march to the beat of a different drum. My hair is fuchsia, for heaven’s sake! (the picture above is from last year, pre-fuchsia) I love big, splashy jewelry that I’ve made myself. Taking art classes is one of my favorite things to do. I can’t even begin to list the teachers I have taken classes with! In person, online, it makes no difference to me. Although meeting an artist I really admire is my version of meeting a rock star! As you can see by my side bar, I love everything Carolyn Dube does! Her upcoming Stencil Play class has me all aquiver! It starts on Monday, October 21. It’s definitely on my list to meet her in person.

StencilGirl came out with a stencil that fits me well. It’s what I used for the girl, the title and the exclamation points. Because I am the Empress of Exclamation Points!!!! There is also some washi tape with pink dots at the top and down the right side of the page. I used an Artist Cellar stencil around the left side and right corner.  It was a fun page to make.


I hope that you will go out and have a wild life or your own.


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