Life Book 2014

This year I decided to join Tamara Laporte’s Life Book 2014 class. It’s an amazing class that lasts all year. There are 22 teachers, in addition to Tam. There is a lesson every week. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up but Tam put a wonderfully supportive video before the first lesson, letting all of us know that no matter what we did, or didn’t do, we are loved, accepted, supported and worthy. Okay, enough with the sales pitch! (No, I don’t get paid for this. I’m just an enthusiastic student!)

Our first exercise was just a warm-up. Tam taught a bit of color theory and then gave us this to get us out of our heads and away from the fear of the blank page. She does everything on her video and you can either paint along or watch and paint later.  I like to watch, absorb the info, print out the PDF with all of her steps in living color, then go up to my studio and paint.  Here’s my warm-up.  (Click on images to enlarge.)

Art to Heart

The main lesson of the first week was to paint our Art Guardian. Tam is an excellent teacher for painting faces. She gives the “standard” proportions then lets us know how we can modify them if we want to get a different look. I was really impressed with the lesson and the in-depth downloadable instructions she provided. My Art Guardian is actually the pink iridescent bubble in the top right corner. Yes, she came to me like Glinda in The Wizard of Oz! I knew I should paint more than a big, pink bubble so I also painted an angel who decided she wanted to enter the world.

Art Guardian and Angel

This week’s lesson was a short one by Micki Wilde. We were to paint an affirmation for the new year. She painted hers and I modeled my page after hers but with my own little personal twists. Fearless is my word for 2014.


So my new year has started out well. I am enjoying my art again and feeling validated, loved and supported with it. I’m meeting up with art friends from other classes and we are really enjoying sharing our work with each other.

I hope you enjoyed seeing another class I’m taking. I’ll continue to keep sharing what I’m doing in my classes. It is my sincere hope that you all have something that fulfills your creative soul.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Glimmerbug
    Jan 12, 2014 @ 22:57:11

    Isn’t LB2014 wonderful? This is my first time taking this course and I am LOVING it! I look forward to the new lessons each week because they are totally challenging my creativity and my skills. I love all of your work so far! GREAT JOB!!!


    • Raine
      Jan 12, 2014 @ 23:59:07

      Thanks, Jill! This is my first year, too, and I’m really impressed. The lessons are so well done. I love that everything is downloadable. That way I won’t panic if I fall behind!

      > Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 03:57:12 +0000 > To: >


  2. Michelle LaPoint Rydell
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 00:15:11

    Your pages are stunning Raine! Beautiful use of color in each of them, and I totally adore your angel!


  3. Judy Shea
    Jan 29, 2014 @ 15:36:56

    Love your page, Raine. Hope you are enjoying LB. The line up looked great this year. I have never done, but this year did look tempting. Flora Bowley was one I wanted to see.


    • Raine
      Jan 29, 2014 @ 16:40:14

      Thanks, Judy! I’m really enjoying it and I’m not stressing at all. The fact that it’s all downloadable really helps.


  4. Patricia Lacroix
    Mar 03, 2014 @ 07:57:10

    Great word! I love the first page, with the heart and starts. Beautiful colors!


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