More Life Book 2014

Since last we met, I have been continuing with the lessons in Tamara Laporte’s Life Book 2014. I’m really enjoying it and have done most of the lessons, keeping up as best I can.

Week 4 was Be True to You with Kelly Hoernig. It was to make sort of a visual autobiography. I included rainbow colors, of course. I stamped a lotus blossom and a damselfly, which I embossed with glitter. They are a representation of my spiritual side…sort of zen with a side of sparkle! The winged heart is a personal image that I’ve used for over 2 decades.

Week 4 - True to Myself glimmer

Week 5 was Sugar Sugar with Marieke Blokland. This was a chance to get in touch with our whimsical side. Not something I have much trouble with! My character incorporated Marieke’s ideas with character ideas I have gleaned from my own art experiences, along with my own unique perspective.

Week 5 Sugar Sugar - Candy Shoppe Diva

Last week was Week 6 and the lesson was called Spray Ink Love, presented by the wonderful Tamara Laporte herself. She has been having lots of fun with spray inks and wanted to present this to us while she was still totally immersed in the joy of using them. Tam showed us how to splat, drip, and blow the color around with a straw. Talk about Fun!!!  We also experimented with negative space, leaving some areas unpainted. That’s really hard for color junkies like us! A little washi tape was added to bring a sense of continuity to the piece. I enjoyed making this page very much.

Week 6 Warm up

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been up to lately. I’ll be updating you periodically with my Life Book lessons as well as other classes that I’m taking. I’m having a very artful winter!


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  1. Patricia Lacroix
    Mar 03, 2014 @ 07:55:34

    Wow! I loved LifeBook last year, but I had a deuce of a time keeping up with the lessons! In fact, I still have almost all of them to tackle, saved on my computer. I commend you Raine on your sticktoitiveness ;))

    I really like all of your pages but my favorite would have to be the inky one. I recently took a quick class with Roben-Marie and she uses ink sprays almost exclusively for the color on her pages. (talk about fun! if you ever have a couple hours and an extra $25, don’t hesitate to take it! Art Journal Conversion on her Ning site)… that negative space thing is so much fun too once you start playing with it! Happy Journaling ❤


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