Packing Tape and Paint Pen Play

Say that title three times fast! Since this page had such a gorgeous teal background, I wanted to use another piece of my Gelli transfer film, which has some pretty teal rings. This time I backed the tape with aluminum foil to give it a shiny silver look. You could also back it with gold leaf, book pages, colored tissue, or anything your heart desires. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. I included a small piece of one of my hand painted deli papers at the bottom because I liked how the aqua color went with the teal. Of course, I did lots of playing with my paint pens. I somehow ended up with a long bug of some sort! I’m one of those strange folks who are fascinated with bugs. I almost became an entomologist…but the larva stage really creeps me out! Enough said…  Last of all, I added some feather stamps. (Click on image to enlarge.)


This little journal is filling up fast. It’s so different from my other work. I’m having so much fun playing with new techniques and making them my own. I will continue to experiment as my art keeps evolving. That’s part of the process. It’s a great ride. Hang on!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kimpdx
    Apr 21, 2014 @ 18:03:08

    I love this! I really love the foil backed tape–so pretty and shiny. This page is so much fun–it looks like happy play!


  2. Carla
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 04:16:12

    Love your pakking tape pages Raine. Have to try this myself very soon.


  3. Elaine
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 21:41:02

    Looks great!


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