My Documented Life for February

I am still managing to keep up with The Documented Life Project. The first challenge I did in February was to doodle a border. For my fold-out on the page, I had attached a cut-out I made from a hand stencil. It was a lot of fun adding several layers of borders in colors that went with the ink spatter that was already there. Then I added a stamp of the symbol for OM and put borders around that, too. (Click on the images to enlarge them.)

Week 5 Challenge

The following week, we were challenged to be inspired by our Pinterest board. Since I don’t use Pinterest, I decided to take my inspiration from one of my favorite artists, Claude Monet. I did my version of Water Lilies using colored pencils.

Week 6 Challenge

The challenge for the next week was to draw a shape, repeat it, then color it. I really love spirals. They are a strong symbol of rebirth and growth. I use it frequently in my art. In case you can’t read my handwriting, the quote by Ritu Ghatourey says, “The path isn’t a straight line, it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.”

Week 7 Challenge

The final challenge of February was to collage something we recycled. I made the background for this page using a section from a page I made in my class with Finnabair. (See this post for more info.) I added a lotus blossom and the blue decorative element below it from the paper that was used to wrap something I bought online. The other elements are also all recycled from various sources.

Week 9 Challenge

I am learning so much from The Decorative Life Project, not only from the five creative women who are running it, but also from all of the participants. What a creative and inspiring collective of artists! I am in awe of some of the talent I have come across.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. BubbleArt
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 22:12:09

    fun pages! very challenging to keep up with DLP!!


  2. optrixxaris1
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 04:27:45

    These are lovely I don’t know much about the symbol OM so am going to have to look that up and I totally agree with you regards the artwork everyone is producing it’s fantastic.


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