Today has been one of my “hang out in my recliner” days. I’m still surrounded by art supplies (because I have some in almost every room of the house) so I know that I can still be a productive member of the art community.  😉 One of the projects I’ve been having fun with is making stamps. Carving them out of rubber material is fun but my coordination isn’t the best today and I don’t want to have a gouge “incident.” (I already cut myself with my new scissors today. Yes, those new ones are nice and sharp!!) So I pulled out the tub of self-adhesive foam shapes that I found in the kids’ area of my local craft store. There are circles, squares, triangles, etc. I also had some sheets of foam to use for my bases. All that I had to do was adhere the shapes in a pleasing pattern onto the thicker base foam. I’ve also used foam-core board for the backing when I want a firmer stamp. Here’s what the stamps look like:    (click on images to enlarge)

Foam stamps 1-4-15

To test them out, I stamped most of them in my new journal. Then I played with the designs with markers and pens, just to see what I can do with them. They will work well in my journals as well as with my Gelli plate.

1-4-14 Foam Stamps

That was fun! Give it a try. Before you know it, you’ll have quite a stash of stamps. And they can be made from the comfort of your favorite chair!


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