Documented Life Project

I am doing the Documented Life Project again this year. (For more information on this, go to the Art to the 5th site.) This year, instead of using a Moleskine Planner, they are using the large Ranger Dylusions journal. I’m using the smaller Dylusions journal because I’ve been working large for a while and want a bit of a challenge. I like swapping around now and then. For the cover, I decided that I wanted to make something similar to the cover I just painted on last year’s final journal. (which you can see in my January 9 post) After all, that one is just going to go up on a shelf. If I wanted to be able to enjoy the design longer, it just made sense to try to do it again! It isn’t exactly the same. That’s not really possible…or desired. I just enjoyed getting the same “look” as the other journal. (click on photos to enlarge)

Cover front

For the month of January, the theme is “The Blank Page and How to Face it.”. Each week suggests a way to get the pages started. There is also a prompt each week, which is sometimes a quote that we can choose to use or not. The interpretation of all of the prompts is always up to each artist. To get you caught up, here are my first three weeks of pages.

Week One – Book Paper

I glued down a layer of pages from an old book, some old music sheets, and other miscellaneous papers. This gave me a base to start my layout. I used a quote I loved on the right side. On the rest of the layout, I added various shapes punched out of gelli prints. They reminded me of bubbles, confetti, and party hats. After all, we were celebrating the beginning of a new year! On the far left, I included my word of the year…breathe.

Week 1

Week Two – Gesso

For this layout, I started with a layer of gesso, which is a primer. After it was totally dry, I added a couple of different blue acrylic paints, blending them on the page. Before the paint dried, I laid down a couple of different dragonfly stencils and wiped away the paint with a baby wipe. I painted the flower for a little interest and added some iridescent paint to the dragonflies’ wings. All that was left was to write the quote with my new favorite calligraphy pen and I called it done. Simple and effective!

Week 2

Week Three – The Color Wheel

I LOVE making color wheels! It’s the art geek in me. There is just something very satisfying about mixing two different colors and producing a third color. It’s like magic! I figured that since flowers are made up of all of the colors in the color wheel, why not make flowers that ARE the color wheel?!?!?! Besides, our quote is by Georgia O’Keeffe, one of the most beloved floral artists of our time.

Week 3

I hope you enjoyed your peek into my DLP journal. It’s a project that I totally enjoyed last year and am sure to have fun with again in 2015.


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