I’ve decided to dip my toe in the intriguing world of watercolor. It is one of the most unpredictable mediums. You just never know how the paint will react with the water you have to use to move it around. (Click on images to enlarge them.)

My first painting was done using Sennelier’s Honey Based l’Aquarelle watercolors. It’s just a loose sketch that I made by laying a few colors on dampened paper. When I got the first two pink shapes, they reminded me of angel wings. So I gave it a soft, muted “body” and surrounded it with the sky. The title was written with Golden High-Flow acrylic paint in black and was applied with a fine line applicator.

4-2-15 Soar

My second painting was done over a page that already had the green design on it from cleaning off a stencil. I stamped Dina Wakley’s “Scribbly Birds” stamps onto the page. I painted the entire spread with Kuretake’s Gansai Tambi watercolors from Japan. I added some branches for the birdies to stand on, as well as a loose sky.To my eye, it looks like there is a separate tree on each page. But that could just be me!

 4-3-15 Blue Bird Trio

I really enjoyed painting these. Between the angel that was hiding in my journal and my three blue birds of happiness, I think I am going to enjoy adding this medium to my art repertoire.